Essential Oils For Autism


Autism is a disorder that negatively impacts social skills, and also affects nonverbal communication. It is a problem that affects children and prevents them from growing up generally as other children do.

Some factors influence it. These could include disorders of the GI tract (gastrointestinal tract), sleep disturbances and also autism that are often caused by seizures which occur in many children.

It is a problem which impacts 1 in around 59 children across the world. Children and even adults who have autism also have some sensory issues. They could be averse to certain sounds, lights, and other such neural elements.

How Is it Treated?

There are many ways by which autism and the symptoms surrounding it are treated. It is addressed by treating the actual cause, and it usually is a combination of medication and other forms of treatment.

There is a school of thought that believes in essential oils being a necessary element for the treatment of symptoms associated with autism.

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We will try and find out as to how essential oils could make a difference to those who are suffering from autism.

What Is Essential Oil (EO)?

EO is a natural fragrance that is extracted from various parts of the plant. It could be from the bark, leaves, flowers, fruit peel, root, and even berries.

Essential oil could have dozens of chemical compositions, and each has a unique property of its own.

Because of their complex chemical structures, they could be useful in treating various conditions, and it is believed that it also could be helpful in treating autism in many cases.

How Could It Help In Autism

Autism is a problem related to the brain and neurological functions. Hence, experts feel that quality essential oils, carefully chosen could play a significant role in helping those who have autism.

Here are a few reasons as to why it makes sense to try out essential oil for those who have autism:

Essential oils could help a child or the older adult who has autism to become more relaxed.

It also could help to improve focus and concentration and be on with the task they are doing.

It could also improve energy levels quite a bit. This enhances productivity for elders and for children it helps them to focus more on their studies and even other extracurricular activities, sports, and other such good things.

It soothes the nerves and the brain and helps the patients to sleep well. Insomnia is a common problem with many who have autism and the symptoms associated with it.

How Is It Used?

There are two ways in which autism patients use essential oils. The first is ingestion into the body and the aroma when inhaled could bring in the desired results. The second way is to massage the essential oils in the touch points and let it do the work by getting absorbed by the body.

The Final Word

In fine, there is no doubt that there are some reasons as to why essential oils could be the right answer to those who are suffering from autism and other associated symptoms and medical conditions.

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